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    Bibimbap (02) - Korea hover image

    Bibimbap (02) - Korea

    LKR 3,788

    This product is inclusive of:- Korean Rice- Sautéed Beef- Carrot Julienne- Spinach- Sesame- Mushroom- Sprouts- Kimchi- Chili Paste- Deep Fried Egg- Soy & Chili SauceServes Two...

    Jollof (V) (02) - Nigeria hover image

    Jollof (V) (02) - Nigeria

    LKR 2,288

    This product is inclusive of:- White Rice- Tomato- Red Capsicum- Onion- Pumpkin- Zucchini- Sweet Corn- Green Beans- Curry Powder- Stuffed Green CapsicumServes Two.*This product req..

    Mansaf (02) - Jordan hover image

    Mansaf (02) - Jordan

    LKR 3,888

    This product is inclusive of:- Yellow Rice- Clarified Butter- Chicken Drumettes- Kefir- Turmeric- Cardamom- Chili Flakes- Cashew Nuts- AlmondsServed with Naan BreadServes Two.*This..

    Nasi Goreng Kemangi (02) - Indonesian hover image

    Nasi Goreng Kemangi (02) - Indonesian

    LKR 4,788

    This product is inclusive of:- Indonesian Fried Rice- Squid- Shrimps- Lemongrass- Basil- Chicken Satay- Cashew Nut Butter Sauce- Deep Fried Egg- Sweet Cucumber Salad -Prawn Cracker..

    Paella Valencia (04) - Spain hover image

    Paella Valencia (04) - Spain

    LKR 13,188

    Yellow Rice cooked with:- Chicken- Prawns- Squid- Chicken Chorizo Sausage- Green Beans- White Beans- Red Capsicum- Coriander- HerbsServed with Garlic Roast Paan.Serves Four.*This p..

    Plov (04) - Uzbekistan hover image

    Plov (04) - Uzbekistan

    LKR 13,188

    This product is inclusive of:- Round Corn Rice- Soft Cooked Mutton- Carrots- White Cabbage- Cumin- Raisin- Chickpeas - Dill CurdServes Four.*This product requires at least 3 h..

    Sukuma Wiki (02)- Kenya hover image

    Sukuma Wiki (02)- Kenya

    LKR 4,788

    This product is inclusive of:- Brown Rice- Fried Beef- Collard Kale- Tomato- Onion- Garlic - Cayenne PepperThis item serves 02.*This product requires at least 3 hours of prepa..

    Mutton Biriyani (04) - Iran hover image

    Mutton Biriyani (04) - Iran

    LKR 12,988

    This product is inclusive of:- Long Grain Rice- Mutton- Potato- Red Chili Flakes- Turmeric- Red Onion- Yogurt- Cardamom- Almond - Cashew NutsServes Four.*This product requires..

    Chicken Korma Biriyani (02) - Pakistan hover image

    Chicken Korma Biriyani (02) - Pakistan

    LKR 3,888

    This product is inclusive of:- Red Tandoori Rice- Chicken Korma- Roma tomato- Red Onion- Green Chili- Yoghurt- Ginger- Mint- Dates - Aromatic Spices Serves Two.*This prod..

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