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    Chocolate Expresso (1kg) hover image

    Chocolate Expresso (1kg)

    LKR 3,888

    Coffee, Chocolate & Ribbon Cake layers with Espresso Butter cream & Icing, Cookie crunch, covered with Yellow Butter Icing & Fudge Cake cube with Caramel sauce.*Special..

    Lemon & Blueberry (1kg) hover image

    Lemon & Blueberry (1kg)

    LKR 4,288

    Butter Cake layers sandwiched with Butter Icing, cream & Blueberry filling with layer of Lemon, Caramelized Cashew, covered with Pink & Violet Butter cream Garnished with C..

    Passion & Fruit (1kg) hover image

    Passion & Fruit (1kg)

    LKR 4,388

    Vanilla layers of Butter Cake with Passion Fruit Jelly and covered with Swiss Meringue Butter cream.*Special wording for cakes to be mentioned in ‘Add comments about your order’ se..

    Blue Sky (1kg) hover image

    Blue Sky (1kg)

    LKR 4,888

    Layers with Sticky Nutty, Ribbon Butter, Chocolate Fudge Cake with Praline Rice crispy crunch & Nougat, covered with Blue Butter Icing & White Chocolate Garnish on top.*Spe..

    Ombre Cake (1kg) hover image

    Ombre Cake (1kg)

    LKR 4,888

    Three different layers of dark, Milk & White Chocolate Cake, covered with a trio Chocolate cream & Icing.*Special wording for cakes to be mentioned in ‘Add comments about y..

    Spicy Red Hot Rod (1kg) hover image

    Spicy Red Hot Rod (1kg)

    LKR 4,888

    Three layers of spicy Red Velvet Cake sandwiched with Cheese frosting, covered with Cinnamon Butter cream & Icing.*Special wording for cakes to be mentioned in ‘Add comments ab..

    Ice Charlie (1kg) hover image

    Ice Charlie (1kg)

    LKR 4,888

    Coffee Cake layer with Espresso Butter cream & Caramelized Cashew, covered with Espresso cream and Garnish on top.*Special wording for cakes to be mentioned in ‘Add comments ab..

    Lady in Red (1kg) hover image

    Lady in Red (1kg)

    LKR 5,888

    Layers of Red Velvet cake, soft Butter Cake sandwiched with Butter Icing, cream & Strawberry compote with Nougat covered with Chocolate sheet & curls on top.*Special wordin..

    Awesome Red (1kg) hover image

    Awesome Red (1kg)

    LKR 6,888

    Chocolate, Vanilla & Almond Cake layers, sandwiched with Butter cream & Icing, Meringue crunch Caramelized Nuts and Caramel sauce. Covered with Red Chocolate Velours and a ..

    Il Cubo (2.3kg) hover image

    Il Cubo (2.3kg)

    LKR 8,888

    Noisette Praline Chocolate Cake layer with Chocolate Butter cream, caramel & Praline crunch, covered with Chocolate Velours. (Chocolate spray)*Special wording for cakes to be m..

    24 Layer & Gold (2.3kg) hover image

    24 Layer & Gold (2.3kg)

    LKR 9,888

    Layers of Chocolate Cake, each layer sandwiched with smooth Chocolate filling, Praline crunch with French semi-sweet Chocolate Ganache & Gold dust on top*Special wording for ca..

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